Non-employees and independent contractors on business travel

Get simple logins to great travel inventory, globally. Create a business trip that works for you and delivers for your company.

Book, approve & expense

Submit your preferred trip, have it approved & expensed instantly. Now that’s spending your time wisely!

24/7 travel expert support

Got a question? Need something? Change of plans? Get 24/7 travel expert support as standard.

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Travel managers are our travel heroes

Hotailors knows that travel managers are at the heart of company travel. Supercharge your approval flows, effortlessly manage trips & reduce your wasted time.

Company Trips

Submit, review and approve trips in real-time

Travel by the book

Implement dynamic travel policies across your departments

Organise your travel

Build dedicated cost centres, teams & projects

Stay on budget

Detailed travel spend data with full visibility


A win-win for management

Save time & money on your corporate travel. Make everyone in your company travel happy.

Manage what you can measure

Visualise & understand organisational travel spend by team, project and period

Free your employees

Automate the burden of expensing, reduce long approval times, and apply travel policies effortlessly


Not an employee?
Not a problem

We build tools for the extended workforces of modern companies. Manage contractors, vendors & expert networks that travel for your company.

Apply dynamic travel policies by group, project or region

Eliminate expensing for non-employees

Integrate with ERP systems

Build pre-defined events for multiple travellers

Easily update extended workforces in contract


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