How to increase employee safety? Part 5

Don’t forget the insurance
Choosing insurance during a business trip is a very important aspect of it. Especially at the present time, when it should include the payment of benefits and coverage of costs in the event of coronavirus infection.

 It is worth doing this to protect your employee and so, in fact, the entire company. Finding a policy that meets all our expectations is not an easy task. Most insurers have eliminated cases of infection with the virus from the scope of travel insurance when traveling to an epidemic country. You should study the GTC (General Terms and Conditions) very carefully so that your company is not charged with the costs of treatment of the employee in case of the infection.

Some insurance companies have introduced a special insurance against an illness. However, even in the case of a dedicated insurance, you should check if there are any exceptions.

If you have an agent involved in organizing your business trips, it would be good for him to find the most satisfactory insurance for you.

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Hotailors Team