Business Travel Simplified

Get access to 2 000 000 hotels and +700 airlines.

Save up to 95% of time and 10% on price.

One click away from your personal travel assistance.

Our partners and clients learn fast about optimizing travel process.

And we are happy to work with them.

We create a new generation of travel industry.

There are many solutions available on the market for booking hotels and flights. However, we also know this pain when you need to fill your preferences every time and compare prices on each browser.

But what if during trip something went wrong? Well... We'll manage any accidental travel issues for you.

Artificial intelligence and professional Travel Experts

- we call it hybrid solution.

For every company

Our mission is to make business travel as simple as we can.

Hotailors’ goal is to optimize travel planning, booking and expensing processes for companies through the use of smart digital technologies.

If you have the same ambitions for your company, or would like to grow your business with the help of our platform, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Together we can simplify business travel!

Don't only take our word for it

Last year was productive for us, not only in terms of acquiring new large accounts, an investment round...

we've also managed to squeeze in some time to win the awards below

Created by people with a passion for travel and automation


CEO / co-founder

12 years of hotel bookings management


CTO / co-founder

11 years of leading a succesfull software company


Head of Sales / co-founder

11 years in B2B sales and corporate deals


B2B Sales Manager US

10 years online travel sales, marketing, business development


Head of Customer Service

cognitive scientist, hotelier


Marketing & PR Executive

brand management, business communication

Maks Stempniewicz

Program Manager, Microsoft for Startups - CEE

“My role at Microsoft requires me to travel frequently. Over the past twelve months, I’ve made twenty or more trips. Oftentimes I need to make last minute bookings and this is where Hotailors gets me. Hotailors is like my personal assistant that allows me to plan, book and expense my travels. ”

Paweł‚ Rek

General Manager CEE Markets

(...) Mobile friendly, fast & high quality offers all in one place. Amadeus supports great companies helping solve real-world problems and therefore is happy to cooperate with Hotailors.”

Marjan Beltram

CEO STA potovanja

“As one of the leading travel agencies in Slovenia, we need to always stay one step ahead of our competition and deliver exceptional services to end customers. Hotailors' easy-to-use tools are perfect for helping us organise travel for our clients.”

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