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We create a new generation of travel industry.

There are many solutions available on the market for booking hotels and flights. However, we also know this pain when you need to fill your preferences every time and compare prices on each browser.

But what if during trip something went wrong? Well... We'll manage any accidental travel issues for you.

Artificial intelligence and professional Travel Experts

- we call it hybrid solution.

For every manager

Our mission is to make business travel as simple as we can.

Hotailors main goal is to optimize plan, book and expense process for its maximum by using smart technologies.

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Together we can make business travel just simple!

Don't only take our word for it

Last year was productive for us, not only in terms of acquiring new large accounts, an investment round...

we've also managed to squeeze in some time to win the awards below

Innovate Startup

at Google CEE Conference

Finalist Blast

Conference Rome

Finalist Travel

Tech Con USA

Finalist Procter & Gamble


Semi Finalist

Info Share CEE Poland

Finalist CEE

ALL Stars Poland

Best B2B Travel

Tech Award Poland

2017 Featured

on Tnooz Article


by Sebastian Kulczyk

Created by people with passion to travel and automation


CEO / co-founder

12 years of hotel bookings management


CTO / co-founder

11 years of leading a succesfull software company


Head of Sales / co-founder

11 years in B2B sales and corporate deals


International Sales

7 years in LogMeIn London UK


Head of Customer Service

cognitive scientist, hotelier


Marketing & PR Executive

brand management, business communication

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