Tools for self-booking business trips

Tools for self-booking business trips 1
Tools for self-booking business travel are becoming more and more popular. What are the benefits for companies that choose such a solution in everyday life?
We will answer these and other questions in the article below.

The coronavirus pandemic affects many sectors of the economy. It hit the tourism industry very hard. Through lockdown, many companies moved their activities to the Internet. As a result, the demand for tools for self-booking business trips has increased.

It used to be believed that only large companies use this type of tool, but this has changed over time. In addition to large corporations, both small and medium-sized companies can implement such solutions. The need for automation and digitization also came to the rescue.

The tourism industry is becoming more and more visible on the Internet.
What are the benefits of self-booking business travel platforms?
First of all, numerous integrations

Thanks to constant cooperation with large suppliers, companies implementing such tools have a lot of possibilities. In one place, an employee has access to a wide range of various transport options and hotels. Integrating many suppliers in one place gives you the best price and choice. It is also a time-saver. The user has access to all offers directly in one place. He does not have to search on different websites and with many suppliers. Then think about it and compare offers. Often, the price and offer change over time. Time in this case does not work in favor of those who plan to travel.

Many companies also offer access to insurance, car rental, or a personalized travel policy.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have access to all functions in one place?

A wide range in one place

Like us, do you like to have access to many things in one place? This is important in terms of timing and helpful in making decisions.

A travel policy is a very important element when planning business trips. Thanks to it, we can set any limits in advance that help employees make a choice. They often have an imposed budget, which makes it easier for them to choose an accommodation or transport offer that will fit into the budget. A well-structured travel policy helps to achieve savings and fits into the framework of employees. There is no competition between them for a hotel or budget. Clearly defined rules in a given company help to eliminate the related chaos.

Safety first and foremost

An event such as the coronavirus pandemic has forced travelers to check the current data on the number of infections and restrictions in the country they are going to. At Hotailors, we constantly update this data. The safety of our travelers is paramount to us.

A sense of being cared for
What distinguishes our company from others? Professional help desk for sure. It should also be noted that professional English service is also a very important aspect. Our clients come from various countries. We provide assistance 365 days a year 24/7.

We hope that numerous business trips will return soon and that the business agent market will return to the state it was before the coronavirus pandemic.


The Hotailors team