Seven applications for business trips

It does not matter whether you are going on a business or private trip – applications can be very helpful during it. Thanks to them, planning a trip or help during the trip is sometimes invaluable. They replace paper maps, thick guides, tickets, and even money. Ubiquitous access to mobile devices allows you to stay up to date with loved ones, but also can in many cases improve our journey and help in many situations.
Below is a list of seven apps worth installing before your trip. Make sure you already have them on your device. If not, do not hesitate to install it.
Flight Hero

This application provides real-time flight status information. It is very helpful especially when we want to check the position of the plane or the time of arrival/departure from a specific airport. Thanks to the availability of the departure and arrival table at the selected airport, we can verify the time of the planned flight. Thanks to it, we can also learn about potential delays. The base has approximately 1,500 airlines around the world and has access to approximately 16,000 airports around the world. Most importantly, the application is free, works on all systems, and is available in Polish.

Google translator

We don’t need to introduce this application. Necessary to be installed on the phone when we travel abroad. When we are going on a trip to a foreign country, a translator will always be useful. The one offered by Google is the most comprehensive. The application has 103 languages ​​in its database. He translates the text on a regular basis. It also allows you to translate the text in the photos. Another option is simultaneous translation, bidirectional translation in 32 languages, as well as handwriting mode, thanks to which we can draw characters in more than 90 languages ​​without using the keyboard. This option will be useful for creating notes with foreign contractors.

Google Maps

This application also needs no introduction. I think each of us used it. It is already installed by default on many devices. It is one of the best applications with an extensive map system in the world. Very intuitive and easy to use. An additional advantage is the ability to use them offline. Thanks to it, we can stop worrying about getting lost somewhere. However, if this happens, the application will definitely help us reach our destination quickly and safely.

Trip Advisor

Thanks to it, we can find useful information about attractions and restaurants in the region we go to. A very extensive database of photos and opinions about attractions, hotels, restaurants around the world. We will also find many comments and opinions from other travelers on the topic. Useful when going to a restaurant or planning your free time. In its base, it has many attractions that are less popular and obvious in many regions.


When traveling, especially on business trips, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse of the expenses. With this application, financial control becomes extremely simple. It allows you to collect all receipts in one place. All you have to do is… take a picture! Easy and intuitive to use. Especially when going on a business trip, it’s worth installing it. Expense control is an important issue, especially when you need to stay within the business travel limit. Importantly, the application has a built-in currency converter.

Pack Point

Every trip, even the shortest one, begins with packing. We know both the supporters and opponents of this activity. It is worth planning this stage well, so as not to forget to take important things with you, it will save us a lot of stress and worry. Packing is definitely more fun with this app. It acts as a virtual organizer that will help you make a record of the necessary things. In generating the list, information from the user is also useful, such as whether he is going on a business or private trip, what activities he is planning, for how long he is going. A useful option is the ability to mark packed things in a suitcase. The application is currently available in English.

Wifi Anywhere

Internet access is a very important issue. Especially when traveling, where we check the location, e-mail, or a good restaurant on an ongoing basis. Especially during business trips, we are constantly available by phone and email. So when you are abroad and do not have a local SIM card, you are probably looking for a place with a good Wifi connection. At this point, this application comes to our aid, looking for free hotspots nearby and testing the speed and security of the internet connection. Connection is very easy. If your connection drops, you get a warning.

There are more applications on the market that are useful for business trips. We believe that the items presented above are necessary. Or maybe you already have some installed on your phone and you cannot imagine leaving without them?

We wish you good travels!


The Hotailors team