How to increase employee safety? Part 9

Isolation of workers upon return.

One can imagine the serious consequences of direct contact between those who have just returned from their trip. Especially when one or both of them were among people from different parts of the world. These days, it’s a horror scene that gives you shivers down your spine.

For the safety of employees, it is therefore recommended that those who have just returned from a business trip or a vacation, be separated from the rest of the team for at least five days. Remember that although the symptoms of COVID-19 may sometimes appear up to three weeks after infection, the symptoms often appear in the first days of the disease.

Remote work is the perfect solution here. This option is not only convenient but also economical. After all, taking precautionary measures as in the way described above can prevent the possible spread of the virus and the eventual infection of the entire team – an almost apocalyptic scenario for the company.
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Hotailors Team