How to increase employee safety? Part 8

Choose chain hotels due to higher sanitary standards.

Use large hotel chains because they have adequate facilities to adapt to new restrictions and procedures.

We recommend staying in large hotel chains because they have clearly defined procedures. Guidelines and strictly imposed restrictions can be difficult for small facilities to meet.

A good example are chain hotels in the United States that have implemented the procedures proposed by the American Hotel & Lodging Association called Stay Safe. For example, it contains checklists for use by cleaning staff. Among the recommendations in this process is also a contactless check-in or guidelines on how often to clean the panels with buttons.

In Poland, there are also various guidelines that have been issued by the Ministry of Development in cooperation with the Chief Sanitary Inspector. They are aimed at hotel and other accommodation facility managers.

Currently, hotels around the world promote safety rules through their marketing activities. By using advertising materials on their websites, they emphasize the importance of taking care of your health. However, we are not able to determine how effective these activities are. Therefore, we recommend choosing hotel chains that have built their power based on procedures.

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Hotailors Team