How to increase employee safety? Part 7

Favor hotels close to your destination
In order to reduce the risk of the employee getting infected, try to choose the facility that is closest to the travel destination, e.g. conferences, training. Preferably at such a distance that he can cover this distance by foot. Thanks to this, he will avoid risky situations, as when using public transport.

Before the pandemic, the vast majority of employees chose downtown hotels. They then had the opportunity to visit many local attractions. The so-called Bleisure, which is a combination of pleasant and useful. Currently, it is difficult because many facilities in different countries are closed and it is not possible to visit them.

The potential incidence of one employee’s COVID-19 infection could result in other team members being infected with other unpleasant consequences for the entire company.

At Hotailors, we help you have more control over your employee’s choices. For example, we make it possible to create a list of hotels that are available to be selected by the employee. You can also set the maximum distance of the hotel from the main destination as an option required in your travel policy.

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Hotailors Team