How to increase employee safety? Part 6

How to increase employee safety? Part 6 1
Choose offers with a full cost refund

The best offers are those that can be canceled or changed. Especially in times of the pandemic, we recommend that you choose carefully before buying a ticket or booking accommodation. It is important that you can eventually change the date or cancel the trip. Both transport companies and hotels offer slightly more expensive options that allow you to remain flexible when making reservations or purchases.

You never know what’s going to happen, especially now.

Airlines also come to the aid of passengers because they offer fares with different conditions. Some of them allow you to cancel your booking completely free of charge. Others allow you to change the date. This is a particularly important aspect for people who have to go on their business trip anyway.

Due to the current global situation, airlines are willing to change the dates of flights that will not take place. Often such a situation takes place due to the emergence of new government restrictions. Suddenly, the scheduled flights to the given country are not taking place anymore. Still, it’s a good idea to invest in a flexible tariff. This saves time negotiating with airlines, which can drag on for a long time. If you have a travel agent, they will contact the airline in case of any changes.

However, remember that this type of an offer does not work everywhere. Read carefully the terms and conditions of the tariffs concerned before choosing the right one for you. Each airline may have its own operating conditions on different routes or in different countries. They can also change. It is worth following this information on an ongoing basis on the websites of a given carrier.

How does it work for hotels?

The case is similar. Some hotels offer free cancellations. Others allow you to change the date to a different date. It also happens that some of the facilities that are part of larger networks have special procedures in place in case of problems with reaching their hotel.

By providing the possibility of a flexible change of departure date, you help your employees. You also eliminate possible travel stress in times of the pandemic.
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