How to increase employee safety? Part 4

In the current COVID-19 epidemic, reducing the risk of infection to workers is the most important aspect. A group of people or long lines can be such a source. In order to increase the safety of your employees during numerous business trips, it is also important to limit contact with other travelers. That’s why:
Recommend online check-in and hand luggage

We always strongly recommend our clients to choose the online check-in option whenever possible, and to travel with hand luggage only. Sure, the latter proposal can often be unrealistic, especially when it comes to longer trips. However, if you care about the smooth and quick process of completing the routine steps at the airport, it is worth considering.

Online check-in and traveling with hand luggage have many advantages. Among other things, it allows you to bypass the bane of many travelers – endless queues. This was not a pleasant thing even before the pandemic broke out. Additionally, now that it is important and advisable to keep the distance and keep the direct contact with others to a minimum, we have no doubts that skipping the lines significantly reduces the level of stress for the travelers. After all, why get upset and put your health at an unnecessary risk when the whole thing may be an inconvenience of the past.

Besides, we are aware that time is a valuable thing. When traveling on business, you rarely have too much of it, and it is of no benefit for  the traveler to waste it checking in. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the advantages of the online check-in option and traveling with hand luggage – to honestly consider this proposal, as it can have a very positive impact on the journey and the well-being of the traveler.

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Hotailors Team