How to increase employee safety? Part 3

Safety is very important, especially when it comes to traveling. That is why it is so important from the employer’s perspective:
Guaranteeing support and care in the event of a crisis

Most of the people who travel are worried about what will happen to them if their flight is canceled. Especially if it is their first flight on the route and in the event of a delay, they may not make it to the next flight.

If all flights are operated by the same airline and are included in one booking, the situation is way easier. In this case, the specific airline provides the solution to the problem – providing accommodation and rebooking the flight for a new one for the soonest date possible. However, the situation becomes more complicated when we travel to a destination with different airlines.

What to do in a case like this?

One of our providers, KIWI, provides the so-called guarantee of reaching your destination. It is insurance against various unpleasant circumstances.

How does it work?

The time needed for a transfer at a given airport is calculated and the answer whether the transfer has a chance of success or not is then given. 

If the transfer is to be unsuccessful – proper care is guaranteed. Similar to the airlines – accommodation and/or alternative transport is provided accordingly.

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Hotailors Team