How to increase employee safety? Part 10

Diversify the means of transport.
In case you are sending a group of employees to the same place, it is a good idea to send them by different means of transport.

Nowadays, the means of mass transport can be a cause of an infection – a large number of people staying in one room at the same time for a long time. For this reason, we recommend that you find various means of transport for your employees whenever possible. In the event of a possible infection, you will not lose your entire team. Many companies choose to divide their employees into different shifts to limit their contact with each other. It is important that the company does not discontinue its activity due to a large number of people becoming ill at the same time. It is not known whether they will be able to remotely perform their work.

Even in the absence of a pandemic, it is a good idea to send employees by various means of transport to reduce the risk of accidents. Obviously, this is a black scenario, but it’s good to be preventive. These are extremely rare situations, but it’s good to have procedures in place that will ensure the continuity of your business, no matter what the circumstances.
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Hotailors Team