Customer Service on a business trip

Customer Service on a business trip 1
Have you ever wondered how important the aspect of Customer Service is during a business trip?
Is it actually helpful?
Necessary in every company?
What is its role?
In the following article, you will find out whether this element is important during your business trip.

Imagine that you are going on a very important business trip. Your boss has been talking about this conference for a long time. You are waiting for it for six months. You have had a flight and hotel booked for a long time. The day has come! You wake up, look at your watch, and… you overslept! Oh my! Panicked and in a hurry, you start getting dressed, you order a quick transport to the airport and think what to do to win the race against time. When you realize that you will not make it. You are reminded, however, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. After all, you made a booking through an external company because your company works with them. So you look for their name on your phone. Is! Hotailors. Remember when your boss said at a meeting that you can always write to them. So you call the given number. Even though it is 5 in the morning the man picks up. He calms you down and says he’ll take care of everything. After one hour on your way to the airport, you will receive a new flight ticket for a new flight. Your flight will be in one hour, so you can make your conference in Berlin with the help of Hotailors.

Does the above story sound like a fairy tale?

No, it’s not a fairy tale. This is the authentic story of our client who we managed to help.

Okay, but what is Customer Service anyway?

This department deals with all issues between the client and the supplier. The tourism industry is one of the most demanding sectors when it comes to effective customer service. There is great potential in providing good quality Customer Service, which helps in creating business relations. After all, we know that a satisfied customer is the most important.

What is the most important thing in customer service?

The speed of reaction certainly has an impact on customer service satisfaction. The time when you will get help and answer your question from the inquiry. Of course, it is also influenced by the way of service and personal culture. It is widely known that a positive attitude has a real impact on many spheres in our lives. Isn’t it better to talk to a nice and nice person?

If we feel that a given person wants to help us, he communicates better with us immediately.

Accessibility is also an important role. It is important that the power help is provided all the time. This is an important factor, especially for business trips. At Hotailors, our agents are available 365 days a year 24/7. You can contact us in Polish and English via phone, chat, and email. We respond to every request. We approach each customer individually.

What matters does the Customer Service department deal with?
Delayed flight?
Problem with checking in at the hotel?
Train delay?

This is just a fraction of our agents’ daily struggles. They reply to every request. They do the impossible. They keep passengers informed about changes. They also have contact with suppliers, thanks to which they have the possibility of direct contact in a given case.

It is enough for the passenger to report the matter and the agent will take care of it. The traveler does not have to contact hotel facilities or suppliers himself.

Changes when planning or taking a business trip are quite frequent. For this reason, customer service regarding transport should be as responsive as possible. It is also important to react quickly and to provide an alternative solution as soon as possible.

If you need help with planning or traveling, remember that you can contact us at any time.


The Hotailors team