Business trip – how to prepare for it?

Business trip - how to prepare for it? 1
When choosing a business trip, the employee must represent the company in the best possible way. He is burdened with enormous stress related to the new situation in a strange place. To avoid additional stressful situations, it’s best to plan everything.

The following article provides tips on how to best prepare for your business trip.

Of course, the most important thing is to know the exact date of the trip, the duration of the delegation, and the destination. Don’t forget to ask about the business purpose and budget.

Once you get specific information, it’s time to pack.

It is best to prepare a list of things divided into private and work items before traveling.

List of private items:

  • clothes every day,
  • cosmetic / hygiene products,
  • electrical appliances,
  • insurer number,
  • passport / ID; cards, money, and tickets exchanged for the appropriate currency,
  • offline maps on your phone.

Business stuff list:

  • business outfit,
  • laptop and business phone (don’t forget about chargers!),
  • documents necessary at work – important papers, contracts, presentations,
  • calendar with important addresses and contacts. 

When traveling on business, it is best to have two formal clothes – preferably in a similar style. We never know if an outfit will not deteriorate while wearing it. It’s good when women have a few pairs of tights to change (one is always in the purse during meetings).

If you are going on a short trip or for a few days, you will definitely choose hand luggage. A small suitcase on wheels will be a convenient solution. However, clothes packed in it can create a lot. It is important to make sure that iron is available at the hotel before departure. If not, it is good to have your own travel iron in a small size. Comfortable shoes are also an important element, especially if we have a longer route ahead. It’s good to walk in proven footwear and change them to elegant ones after reaching your destination.

When to start packing?

It is best as soon as possible – you can create a list of all the necessary things about a week before departure. Items such as clothes and cosmetics – pack two days before departure, because you have a chance to buy something else that you have forgotten about.

The most important documents, passport, and tickets should be packed in hand luggage – on the day of departure. Make sure you take the most necessary documents a few times.

If you are traveling to a country for which a visa is required – do not forget to apply in advance. Also, check if there are any new restrictions in the country you are going to due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation is changing very dynamically. If you use an agent organizing business trips, he will certainly provide you with the latest information from reliable sources.

What about the costs?

Remember to keep all invoices/receipts in one place. Upon arrival, hand them over to your employer for reimbursement of any expenses incurred by you. These can be, for example, tickets for public transport, bills, receipts, invoices for accommodation, car rental on site. If you use business travel software, it can oversee your expenses and budget. One less worry on your head.

Print your documents.

As the name suggests, professional travel is related to work. That is why proper preparation is so important. Before your trip, make a separate checklist with information about places and times of scheduled meetings. Place all the necessary documents in a briefcase, preferably in your hand luggage. It’s good to have backup and electronic versions on a flash drive and e-mail. A laptop is an indispensable work tool these days, but it is also worth having an ordinary notebook where you can write down important things during the meeting.

Remember also that a business trip is a great opportunity to discover the charms of a new place. Combine business with pleasure and, during a free evening, visit and discover a given place.

We wish you good travels.


Hotailors team