Save up to 30% of your contingent workforce travel costs.

At Hotailors we specialise in Contingent Workforce Travel Management. With our state of the art, AI powered SaaS solution we can help you discover, organise and supervise Business Travel of your Contractors as well as Full-Time Employees. Our clients usually save 30% of costs and free 90% of admin time.

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Hotailors wins Arch Summit

Hotailors in Luxembourg: A purchase order with Vodafone Global worth €100,000

Hotailors, a growing B2B travel technology company, has won a global purchase order from Vodafone Global courtesy of Tomorrow Street at Arch Summit in Luxembourg. Hotailors was awarded the grand prize of €100,000 as best solution in the ‘Future Tech’ category.

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Optimise the unmanaged

Most of the corporate world has Travel Policies in place for their staff, but little or no control over non-employee work trips. With Hotailors you can easily:


Automate travel policy compliance checks, expensing & apporvals with our powerful solutions. Bring your company travel into the modern age.


Your non-employees can now easily make cashless bookings for flights, hotels or ground transportation. Your company will get one invoice and save hours of admin work.


Gain full visibility and control over travel and lodging costs. Better plan your future projects and strenghten your negotiating position with providers.

Employee travel

Whether Enterprise or SME, our travel solutions deliver real organisational value. Reduce costs & streamline travel with our:

Global Travel Inventory

Dynamic Travel Policies

24/7 Travel Support

Automated Expensing

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Extended Workforce

Not everyone that travels for an Enterprise is an employee. Effortlessly manage travel for your contractors, vendors & experts with:

Specialised approval flows

Pre-defined projects

Cashless booking

Monitor project spend

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(…) Mobile friendly, fast & high quality offers all in one place. Amadeus supports great companies helping solve real-world problems and therefore is happy to cooperate with Hotailors.

General Manager CEE Markets - Amadeus

My role at Microsoft requires me to travel frequently. Over the past twelve months, I’ve made twenty or more trips. Oftentimes I need to make last minute bookings and this is where Hotailors gets me. Hotailors is like my personal assistant that allows me to plan, book and expense my travels.

Program Manager, Microsoft for Startups - CEE