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Increase your sales, create attractive offers and dedicate more time to your clients.

3 minutes, one platform for the whole search-book-sale process. Solution for every Travel Agent.

Your biggest struggle - TIME

One day you will ironically recall the moment when you spent 49 min for the booking process. The time when you had to log into each website/paid platforms, find the right offer, copy-paste to the email and write a charming sexy text to sale it. And the offer still looked quite ordinary.

With Hotailors no longer it will be the same. You get an access to 1 800 000 hotels and +700 airlines worldwide plus we cut down the standard booking process from 49 minutes to only 3 minutes. All for free.

Things we can do for you

We used machine learning to automate each possible step for you. Manually you just choose the generated booking offer and finalize the sale. You will definitely stand out in a travel market by working fast, smart and elegant.

One platform for smart booking

The platform shows the 15 most-matching offers and you can choose the best 4 specified for the client needs and the system will create a good-looking offer from all of them.

On one dashboard Travel Agent can compare booking prices with other suppliers and choose the best ones, also easily check the location of hotels at the map.

No more logins into each website to check the appropriate offer. All within one dashboard.

Fully automate your working process

Editing is no longer needed to make a catchy offer.

AI system picks the best looking pictures and creates an offer of four selected items with pictures, descriptions, prices, availability and personal notes.

Your client receives the automated e-mail offer and can directly book from it.

Let us do the manual and you can focus on what you do best.

Make it your own website

No strong digital skills are needed.

Only a few steps to fully customize your White Label site. Set the welcoming text to clients, the default price scope and also pick/upload the background photo or video to your preference. Then link it to your site and receive customers requests to your admin panel.

Clients have 24/7 access to your booking options. You speed up your sales and still keep control on prices.

Your own payment policy

Manage all earnings, dedicate a special promotion and bonuses to the clients.

Earn more, choose your margin:

  • automatic (set a fixed percentage added to each offer)
  • manual (vary your margin decisions according to each booking situation)
  • extra (add another margin to already existing one, clients see only the final cost)

Don't want to keep an eye on each offer? Set your fixed margin. Prefer to customize and make each client feel special? Tailor unique offers.

Don't only take our word for it

Last year was productive for us, not only in terms of acquiring new large accounts, an investment round...

we've also managed to squeeze in some time to win the awards below

Innovate Startup

at Google CEE Conference

Finalist Blast

Conference Rome

Finalist Travel

Tech Con USA

Finalist Procter & Gamble


Semi Finalist

Info Share CEE Poland

Finalist CEE

ALL Stars Poland

Best B2B Travel

Tech Award Poland

2017 Featured

on Tnooz Article


by Sebastian Kulczyk

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